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The World Club Basketball Tournament partners with Laconia Basktour Monemvasia Greece.

We are pleased to announce that Greece will be represented at the World Club Basketball Tournament , with a team representing the Hellenic Basketball Federation.... The team will possibly be made up from professional players from the A1 and A2 division (professional Greek championships). This exciting news is part of our partnership with Laconia Summer Basketour ,Monemvasia, which aims to exchange teams competing in our respective tournaments. There are now limited spots to enter the World Club Basketball Tournament  and the Laconia Summer Basketour. Dont delay

Laconia Summer Basketour, from 5 to 12 August 2017, will be for the second consecutive summer in Monemvasia Municipality and the Molaoi Lakonias Sports Arena, which will be hosting both the 5on5 and the 3on3 tournaments. On the 5on5 tournament will participate teams of sports clubs and independent teams in the hope that this year's event will break through the local borders. The 3on3 championship will be open to any interested team that wants to take the challenge, for teenagers of 12 to 18 years of age. This year we will be again honored to have both active and veteran Greek basketball players, which the audience will have the opportunity to watch play, and will also be happy to chat with, during Laconia Summer Basketour.

For the second year together with us will be "FLOGA", the Pan-Hellenic Parents Association of Children with Neoplastic Disease, where all of us will show again our humanity and offer our help to those people in need.

Details of the tournament can be found here  Laconia Summer  Basketour Registration and details