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What is the WCBA?

The WCBA, also known as World Club Basketball Association; is an American-European based, for profit LLC Minor Professional Basketball League that affords professional players, coaches, referees and executives opportunities not often available at the minor-league level. The WCBA was founded in 2018 as an American Professional Basketball league with four regions and will experience exponential growth going into the 2019 season with 16 teams spanning from as far west as Orange County, CA and as far east as Queens, NY.


The WCBA is the obvious choice for any player, team owner, coach, agent, sponsor, scout, and anyone with an interest in professional basketball or the sport in general. The WCBA offers a league that provides the perfect balance between team owners and players while maintaining a high level of competition and a platform that showcases the best available talent in each respective area.

How many games are played each season?

Each team in the WCBA will compete in an equal amount games each season; the 2019 season will consist of 12 games plus playoffs; All regions will have 4 teams and will play each team in their division 2 home and 2 road. The 2020 season will feature a 16 game season. Schedules are generated by the Commissioner and Board of Directors and are communicated to each team prior to being posted on the league and team websites. For the 2019 season, only 4 semi-finalists will compete for the WCBA Championship. The season will conclude with a Final 4 Match up in Minneapolis, Minnesota.

The Teams

a. How many players are on a team?

Each team typically consists of 10 players; however, teams may have up to 12 players on a roster. While this is not recommended due to the game play rules, (FIBA rules w/10 minute quarters) it is solely at the discretion of the team owner.

b. How are team rosters filled?

Team rosters are filled by player drafts, signings, and tryouts.

c. How do teams join the league?

Teams may join the WCBA  only after receiving an invitation to join and after following the mandated protocol as required by the WCBA new member team committee. The WCBA new member committee will not approve any teams to join in a geographical area in which a WCBA team is already approved or within a 150-mile radius of a WCBA team in which the population density is less than the national average.

d. Team expectations

Each team is expected to maintain the highest level of professionalism possible. While this may be the expectation for many organizations or companies both public and private; this is a requisite for WCBA member teams. It is imperative that this standard be upheld always as any member team, player, affiliate, staff member, or otherwise is a direct or indirect representative of the WCBA whether they realize it or not.